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Vodafone Portugal All Models (Except iPhone) [Huawei,Samsung,Alcatel] Not Found Service

This service is to clean your IMEI and supports all AT&T brands and models INCLUDING iPhones

Success Rate: 30-70%

Devices will be removed from Lost or Stolen list and listed as Clean or Unpaid bills
If your devices converts to Clean sometimes you can unlock it via Clean. That will ONLY work for devices with no financial balance on the device and are listed as Lost/Stolen.

Not Supported:
Blocked IMEI has a financed status before it is cleaned, status will still show financed.
This service DOES NOT remove financed status or unpaid bills!

Note:  This service converts your IMEI from Blacklist to Clean or Unpaid to allow the device to work in the USA. Service supports all AT&T Devices, Android & iPhone included. It only converts blacklisted/lost/stolen to unpaid or clean. Unpaid balance WILL NOT BE REMOVED! Once in progress we cannot cancel unless source agrees.

Warranty Rules: 7 day warranty, if your device goes back from Clean/Unpaid to Blacklisted within 7 days we will reprocess it for free. After 7 days absolutely no refunds

Price : $10

Delivery Time : 1-3 days