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Sony Xperia & Sony Ericsson - United Kingdom (Ireland, England, Wales) Nck Only [Very Low Sucess Ratio]

Delivery time : 7-10 Buiseness days can take longer incase there is overload in orders or system is running updates No cancel allowed
Weekend not counted as working days .saturday,Sunday Not counted however order are processed every day it is first come first server basis

Only Sony Xperia and Sony Ericsson from United Kingdom & Ireland are available in this Database.

All Levels can come back :
NLCK4, NSLCK4, SPLCK4U, CLCK4, PCK4, ESLCK4, NLCK4U, NSLCK4U, SPLCK4U, CLCK4U, PCK4U, ESLCK4U (In this situation, please always use NLCK4U or NSLCK4U)

Make sure your Sony Xperia are actually ASKING for code and don't have "Device Unlock App" installed on the phone, specially if it's a Sony from T-Mobile or MetroPCS USA.
If you order code for a Sony and claim the phone is not asking for code, we won't provide any refund, it's your responsibility to check before place your order !

Also please always check the device is not Hardlocked by following these guidelines:

a) Dial *#*#7378423#*#* in your handset. And a menu will appear
b) In the Menu go to Service Info > SIM Lock

In this menu there are 5 rows as shown below, each representing a different level of SIM Lock.

[x] Network 7 It means you have 7 attempts left to use a Unlock Code
[ ] Network subset 0
[ ] Service provider 0
[ ] Corporate 0
[ ] SIM 0

[x] means that lock level is Enabled and [ ] means that lock is disabled
[o] is another way to show that the phone is Hardlocked (Unsupported)

If the phone has just 1 try left we recommend you record a video while typing our code so in case the code is wrong we can refund you.
No Refund will be issued if the mandatory video proof we request in case of a wrong code shows that the phone is "Bricked" or "Hardlocked"!

Cancellation policy

* No cancellation accepted once in process
* No cancellation if delayed untill supplier approve cancel or deliver the code
* Advertised time frame is approximate time frame not a guaranteed time frame.

Price : $14.5

Delivery Time : 7-15 days