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Knowledgebase - How to Add Funds to your Account

How to Add Funds to your Account

We accept a wide range of payment methods:

- PayPal
- PayPal MassPay / Gift
- Western Money Transfer
- MoneyGram
- Skrill
- Neteller
- bKash
- Bank Transfer - Worldwide
- Wire Transfer - Worldwide
- Bank Transfer - ABC - China
- Bank Transfer - ICBC - China
- Bank Transfer - HSBC - HongKong

Here is the guideline how to Add Funds at IMEI Source.

1. Login at IMEI Source
2. Click + Add Funds button.
3. Enter the amount that you would like to deposit.
4. Select the Payment Gateway.
5. Click the Next button.
6. Click Pay Now / Download Payment File / Submit Details button (Depending on payment method).
7. It will show the further steps for the payment process.
8. Once your payment process is completed, credits will be updated to your Unlocksitepro account automatically (Depending upon account settings).

Funds not added to your account? Please Submit Ticket to the billing department.

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